19 - 23 June 2019
Tarvisio (UD)
22 September 2018
14° Randonnée San Benedetto
06-10 June 2018
Pavullo nel Frignano
07 April 2018
11° Giro del Chianti
23 September 2017
13° Randonnée San Benedetto
21-25 June 2017
Alleghe (BL)
01 April 2017
10° Giro del Chianti
15 - 19 June 2016
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by Gabrio Spapperi

- Emanuele Bafico
Honorary President
- Georges Rossini
Vice-President and Secretary
- Enzo Santa
- Flavio Pagani
Councillor and External Relations
- Emanuele Bafico
charge dep. Mountain Bike
- Tullio Pavanelli
Counc. in charge of Facebook
- Rita Astolfi
- Andrea Andrione - Giordano Castagnoli - Nero Cirla - Sergio Paoli
Past President
- Tullio Pavanelli

International Union of Cycloclimbers

Since September 21, 2002 the INTERNETIONAL UNION OF CYCLOCLIMBERS is a reality. Our associations was founded to provide a new opportunities to aggregations for cyclists who choose to go uphill free and without constraints. Our guiding principles is very simple. Believe in cycling in total freedom, without age limits and conditionings - the search for the new pass will not be a source of exasperation and unpleasant and unnecessary discussions, but a pretext and stimulus for new targets. - Our aim is to establish a group of people, possibly friends, whit “real intention cycling” and we want to cycle for pleasure go together, avoiding any kind of competition. The agonist and those who consider themselves “race” or worse still those who consider the bicycle as a tool to assert their superiority, is not welcome in our Club. - We will avoid classifications developed based on the number of passes climbed. Our associates lists appear only strictly in order alphabetical achieve, the new climb should be a personal satisfaction. - Our main goal will be to foster the organization of outings, meetings, of course, always travels by bicycle; pride will promote cycling activities, while respectful of the prerequisites basis of our aggregation (going uphill), is available to all members.
Greetings to all.
Tullio Pavanelli
President International Union of Cycloclimbers

Honorary President

Georges ROSSINI - 530 route de Publier - MORUEL - 74200 MARIN (Francia)
e-mail: georges.rossini@hotmail.fr


Emanuele Bafico - Via privata/bellavista 2/2 - 16035 RAPALLO (GE)
e-mail: bafferbox@libero.it

Delegate MTB

Tullio PAVANELLI - Via Roberto da Sanseverino 37 - 38122 TRENTO
e-mail: tullio.pavanelli@esafin.it

Webmaster and Secretary

Enzo SANTA Cascine Rossi 15 - 10010 CANDIA CANAVESE (TO)
e-mail: eenzo4@virgilio.it

Thanks Piero

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In evidence

Trails on east Liguria
- Emanuele Bafico

Membership fee !!

It was decided an adjustment to the cost for the renewal of the association
10,00 € to 15,00 €

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